During this really hard time of COVID-19, I feel the need to share some joy around in my community! A lot of small businesses, mine included, are being hit very hard by this pandemic. Today I will be sharing my personal favorite vendors to work with + spread some love!   First and foremost, I’d […]

Oh. My. Gosh. This past weekend was absolutely spectacular.   Indescribable.   A dream come true.   My close friend and I packed up the car and headed North for a jam-packed picture-taking weekend! From this trip I have gathered these as the most important road trip tips:           1. Snacks. […]

Hello friends! If you don’t know me, I am the photographer behind Redside Photos- Haylee Rolnick! The word ‘Redside’ comes from my glasses, because the sides of them are pure red. It came the day where my old glasses broke, and junior high Haylee was petrified. My dad took it upon himself to order me […]