Oh. My. Gosh.

This past weekend was absolutely spectacular.




A dream come true.


My close friend and I packed up the car and headed North for a jam-packed picture-taking weekend!

From this trip I have gathered these as the most important road trip tips:

          1. Snacks. More than you think you’ll need.

          2. Music. Or in our case, a podcast.

          3. This is the most important- Navigation.


We departed very very early on Friday morning. After making a stop in Flagstaff to pick up our BEAUTIFUL florals by Foster-Wright Floral Design……

…..we continued North to Utah.

Neither one of us had ever been to Utah, so this was so exciting for both of us! Zion National Park has been on both of our bucket lists to photograph for awhile now, and we were restless.

Once we checked into the CUTEST Air Bnb in Leeds, we passed out.


At 2:30am, the alarm was ringing for us to wake up. (Far too early if you ask me!) So we packed up the car and drove an hour to Zion National Park in the pitch black Utah morning.

We met with Nicole and Tim, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to wake up at 2:30 in the morning.

Talking with them was EASY and NATURAL as if we’ve known each other for years!

We began the hike and waited at the top for the sun to start peeking through. Once they were both changed, we got to work.


To start, they really wanted to recreate a photo of them hanging off of the ledge…of a cliff…no big deal… So they got all if their gear secured and we got these shots out of the way first. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go as planned. They did lose their footing and fall, but their gear saved them!


Despite my tears for them, they were so optimistic about it! “Just a little blood!” So they carried their battle scars for the rest of the shoot.

Here are some of their BEST shots!!


That night, we made a great return to Zion National Park to meet with Ashlee and Kyle! From the start, we were all cracking up at the fact that Kyle had no idea how to tie a tie, and refused to ask an elder bystander for help.

Once the tie was secure, we began walking around the park. The sun was out and about, but that didn’t stop us! Here are some of their best shots:






After those two sessions, a full Saturday, I fell in love with Zion National Park and finally got to check it off of my bucket list.


As soon as we wrapped up Ashlee and Kyle’s session, we loaded everything back into the car and drove a few hours back into our sweet home of Arizona. After driving to the wrong hotel and nearly passing out from exhaustion, we checked into our room.


If you’re anything like me, this next part will make your anxiety skyrocket.


My two good friends from swing dancing were coming up for a sunrise session at Horseshoe Bend. At the same time, my friend and I slept through the alarm due to our exhaustion. The only thing that woke me up was my intuition telling me that something was terribly wrong. I opened my eyes and saw sunlight and panicked. I had missed texts and calls and I was freaking out. Kaylee and Bailey had left the valley around 11 and had been there for nearly two hours. I let them into our hotel room and instead of going to take pictures, they got the well needed sleep that they deserved.

After getting a few hours of Zzzz’s in, we were all full of energy and excitement again and headed to Horseshoe Bend.

I cant share how excited I was to be here with you all. Words can’t explain it. So I will show you.

That is the face of pure Haylee happiness. These are Kaylee and Bailey’s best shots!!


And finally, after enjoying much needed Taco Bell after Horseshoe Bend, we headed back down towards Flagstaff for our final shoot. You’ve all seen Kenzie and Zech before at the SAND DUNES! My first ever adventure session! I invited them to come up to Flagstaff to model in wedding attire because in 17 DAYS they will be getting married!!!!! They look absolutely stunning, and Kenzie freakin’ rocked Brilliant Bridal’s dress.



To summarize, this has been such an eye opening experience for me! I discovered that this little work-vacation was EXACTLY what I love doing! Traveling, meeting people, and photographing pretty people in these pretty places!

Nicole and Tim,

Ashlee and Kyle,

Kaylee and Bailey,

Kenzie and Zech,

Brilliant Bridal,

Luv Bridal,

Foster-Wright Floral Design,

Ashley Kirby,

THANK YOU for making this possible!!!! You all had such a huge impact on this experience and helped me create images that I am so very proud to show off!


If you want to be apart of my next adventure session, MESSAGE ME!


Until next time!


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